İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Educational Programmes

İTK Manisa Anatolian and Science High School aims to raise individuals who enjoy learning, developing themselves and has the ability to solve problems, initiative, contentious, in peace with themselves, their families and the society, confident and Ataturk-nationalist.

At the Anadolu and Science High School, instead of the standard weekly 40 hours lecture, we have 44. The 4 hours of difference is very valuable for the students who perpare for LYS examinations and is being used very effectively.

In 9th and 10th grades, we strive for our students to gain the habit of doing their homeworks and therefore be ready for the 11th grade when they are going to choose their specialisations. Our students, according to the discipline they want to study in the future, (Medicine, Engineering, International Relations, Law, Psychology, Business Administration, Translation etc.) choose the courses they want to take and placed accordingly in the classes.

Starting from 11th grade, activities like one-on-one etudes, group works, test solving techniques, occupational counseling, examination stress management are conducted in order to help the students in YGS and LYS examinations.

In 11th and 12th grades YGS and LYS trial examinations are held and students are academically supported in the fields they are lacking.