İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Dailt life in Campuses and School Rules School Rules


The students must also continue their correct and example behavior in places outside the classroom. The ‘’Cafeteria’’ is among these places.


It is very important for children and teens in adolescence to keep a balanced diet. The menus in our cafeteria are elaborated accordingly by a food engineer to the nutrition principles and hygien conditions.

Students who would like to benefit from the school cafeteria can become a term or annual member.

İn order to eat in the cafeteria, students must go through the entrance turnstile using their smart cards. Students get their meals with a food tray. At the end of the meal, the food trays are places in the collecting area and the cafeteria is exited through the exit turnstile.

Students are expected to avoid any behaviour that will disturb their environment in the cafeteria.

İtems exposed for sale in the school cafeterias are in control of the İTK Food Engineer.

Food with coloring that can be harmful to health or food and drinks with added substances are not sold in the canteens.

Food List

The food list is prepared yearly and distributed to our parents in the beginning of the academic year.

Our food lists are prepared by our food engineer who works in or school staff and by our kitchen chef accordingly to the seasonal specialties, calory needs and age groups and are  inspected and approved by the Pediatrics and Pediatric Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. Raşit Vural Yağcı.