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ITK Alumni

ITK Alumni

Since the day it was founded 68 years ago the ITK Alumni association has been connecting approximately 30.000 graduates of ITK. The ITK Alumni association was founded in 1957 and is managed by nine people who are chosen from the pool of graduates once every two years. The association, which holds functions in the Bahattin Tatış main campus, is one of the most powerful associations in Turkey with graduates not only in Turkey but  throughout the world.

ITK Alumni Association Meetings: Past And Present

The ITK Alumni association is a meeting point for graduates and also a place to make the ties between ITK and its graduates stronger. The ITK Alumni association arranges functions such as a traditional ‘Talaş Böreği’ (meat filled puff pastry) night, happy hours, and reunion dinners, all of which also focus on social responsibility projects. The association stays connected and up to date via various social media websites such as www.itkmezun.org, a monthly posted e-journal, and the magazine ‘’Köprü’’ which is published once a term.

ITK Alumni Association Functions

"Talaş Böreği" Night

For many years, the school has been organizing this function in the last week of each school year as another way to bring the graduates together. A large variety of food and beverages are served to the approximately 2000 people who attend.

Happy Hour

Our graduates come together for ‘happy hour’ events organised periodically throughout the year.

Reunion Dinner

The Alumni Association  organizes a reunion dinner for each graduated class every 10 years. For example, the class who graduate in 2014 will have reunion dinners in 2024, 2034, 2044, and so on. 50th year reunion dinners are held in the school’s garden.

The Bahattin Tatış "Existing Through The Future" Awards

The awards named in honor of ITK's founder, the late Bahattin Tatış, who was a devoted math teacher and educator, are given to show appreciation for, and motivate, the next generation who best exemplify Bahattin Tatiş's values and principles. The first of these award ceremonies took place on October 26th 2011, the date that ITK's founder passed away. Currently the ceremony takes place every year on November 15th, the anniversary of the founding of ITK.