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ITK Anthem

ITK Anthem

The late Bahattin Tatış, founder of our school, educator and mathematics teacher, wished to introduce İzmir Private Turkish College at its inauguration on November 15th, 1950 with a school anthem that would announce the uniqueness of our attitude to all of İzmir through the universal language of music. To this end he sought Mr Dündar, an ITK music teacher, on Novermber 14th, 1950 and asked him to compose a school anthem. In less than 24 hours, Mr Dündar managed to compose the music and lyrics of the anthem, as follows;

"Our truest guide the science,

On the path of great Atatürk,

Devoted to our charge,

Long live Turkish College.

Hear homeland, hear nation,

In us you may trust,

We are ready for the future,

We are ready to serve the nation."

On November 15th 1950, the day of inauguration of İzmir Private Turkish College, students of our school sang the school anthem with exuberance. Our anthem was re-vocalised by artists of the İzmir State Opera and Ballet in honour of the 64th anniversary of our school. A 15 member orchestra was accompanied by a 12 member choir including alto, soprano, tenor and bass vocalists for rearrangement of our school anthem. The launch of this newly recorded school anthem was made during the 3rd "Bahattin Tatış – Existence in the Future Award Ceremony". Please click to hear our anthem.