İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Our Education Philosophy

With the education philosophy of Izmir Private Turkish College as a result of a 66-year-experience, the required knowledge, skills and values are presented in compliance with the curriculum determined by Ministry of National Education and in a way equipped with the skills of 21st century according to ITK’s own values.


Accepting the philosophy of constant development and being a prestigious and exemplary school nationally and internationally, Izmir Private Turkish College get support from four factors which give assiatnce each other while transferring knowledge, skills and values, and which develops constantly by means of a helical structure:

Professional Education Team,

Curriculum and Education,

Measurement and Evaluation Unit,

Learning Environments


“Mapping and Leadership Team”, represented by our teachers in every status and class level, assemblies regularly in the meetings supported by the members of Educational Sciences Faculty in METU, and shares the current education-training activities and communicates between disciplines. Presenting innovative and creative approaches in learning processes with an active education perception, Izmir Private Turkish College prepares activities and learning environments in order to develop personal, social and organization skills of students as well as academical education. Our outstanding education team plans its original education-training studies, all the materials used in class, education-training technics and evaluation methods according to our mission and education philosophy, and prepares our students for the upper degrees.