İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

History of ITK

History of ITK


İzmir Ozel Turk College was established on November 15th, 1950 with the hard work and dedication of Bahattin TATIŞ, ambassador of Turkish National Education. With Bahattin Tatış, the founder, serving as the school manager, the school had humble beginnings as a small building on Talatpaşa Boulevard of İzmir with 29 students and 14 distinguished teachers.  With the foresight that this building would not be of sufficient capacity in the future, two years later the school moved to Uşakizade Mansion in Göztepe, İzmir.



The Alsancak Branch also served alongside the main campus until the 1974 -1975 academic year. Over time, İzmir Ozel Turk College chose the mansion as the focal point of an on-going expansion. Today, the school continues its education activities in modern buildings, on 30,000 square metres of space, including Bahattin Tatış Campus, Mithatpaşa Kindergarten, Izmir Ozel Turk Primary and Secondary Schools, Izmir Ozel Turk Anadolu High School, and Izmir Ozel Turk Science High School.


Due to intensive demand, Ozel Turk Büyükçiğli Primary School was opened in the 2000-2001 academic year, followed by Bornova and Alsancak Kindergarten in the 2001-2002 academic year, and Karşıyaka Yalı Kindergarten in 2003. In 2008 Yalı Kindergarten moved to İTK Büyükçiğli Campus to continue its activities under the name of İTK Büyükçiğli Kindergarten, and in September 2011 it moved to a new campus near İTK Büyükçiğli Campus in order to meet the increasing demand.

The İTK Büyükçiğli Campus established in Çiğli in 2006,  continues its activities today as İTK Büyükçiğli Primary and Secondary Schools, and İTK Büyükçiğli Anadolu High School. In 2010 Narlıdere Kindergarten was opened, bringing the number of kindergartens providing education to five. With kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Anadolu High School and Ozel Turk College Marmaris- K.E.V. Campus, (the first campus of the group outside İzmir opening in the 2013-2014 academic year), and İTK Bornova Campus, which broke ground in June 2013, and began its education activities in 2014-2015 academic year. In September 2014 Mavişehir Kindergarten and Gymboree Play&Music Activity Center met with children of age 0-6. İzmir Ozel Turk College lastly founded the fifth campus in Manisa, providing the kindergarten education as well. 

ITK continues to educate in 5 campuses, 17 schools and 6 kindergartens, based on 66 years of experience.

In addition to being the only private education organisation awarded with the right to use the title "Turkish" in Turkey, İzmir Ozel Turk College also holds the honour of being the oldest private college in Turkey, excluding foundation schools. Today, with its expert teaching staff, social counsellors, managers, thousands of students and tens of thousands of graduates, İzmir Ozel Turk College is one of the most well-rooted and leading private education establishments not only in İzmir, but in all of Turkey. 


Tens of thousands of İzmir Private Turkish College graduates include many distinguished statesmen, artists, military officials, sportsmen, businessmen and academicians. Graduates have also achieved success in various fields such as social and cultural projects, the arts, and sports, including the Olympics.Every year İzmir Ozel Turk College, a bastion of Turkish National Education since 1950, produces graduates who enroll in many Science and Anadolu High Schools. ITK produce a high ratio of graduates who begin the university education of their first choices.Today, İzmir Ozel Turk College continues to raise new generations with modern education methods, in light of the principles of Atatürk.