İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Those leaving a mark in ITK

Those leaving a mark in ITK

Being the first and only school with the title of Turk and starting off in the building numbered 23 in Izmir – Talatpaşa with 26 students on 15 November 1950, Izmir Private Turkish College has been an institution to graduate thousands of individual ready for life in all aspects. Starting with our founder Bahattin Tatiş by acting according to the words “Let’s grow such an education and training team that teachers and administrators of Izmir Private Turkish College will comprehend the virtue of teaching, and become idealist, self sacrificing and highly gifted educators”, and making great contribution to grow students to earn great success in various places in Turkey and    world in the field of art, sport and science, our administrators, teachers and personnel have supported ITK students to achieve many successes in academic, social and sportive fields.

Cevriye Tatış

Being the elder daughters of Zeliha and Ibrahim Tanyalçın from the established families in Izmir, Cevriye Hanım was born in Izmir in 1924. She completed primary education in Private Yusuf Rıza Primary School in Kestelli and secondary and high school education in Izmir Cumhuriyet Female Institute. Taking charge in the volleyball team of the Institute, Cevriye Hanım graduated in 1942. She got married with Bahattin Tatış, the founder of Izmir Private Turkish College, taking charge in Izmir Trade High School as a mathematics teacher in the year of 1946. According to the phrases of Bahattin Tatış, Cevriye Hanım made great efforts and supported to develop and improve Izmir Private Turkish College. With the words of society of Izmir Private Turkish College, Cevriye Hanım was a fairy godmother who was good socially, and protected all servants, teachers and other personnel without any discrimination, and helped them. Delivering Yavuz Tatış in 1947 and Oğuz Tatış in 1948, Cevriye Tatış lost her life on 10 September 1976 while she was just 52 years old. 

Bahattin Tatış

Bahattin Tatış, the founder of Izmir Private Turkish College, was born in Izmir on 22 July 1919. Starting education in Izmir Halitbey Primary School, Tatış completed secondary education in Izmir Male Teacher School. And then, he completed his education in Edirne Male Teacher School. After he took charge in his first duty place, Beyler Village in Seferihisar as a teacher for one year, he got accepted in Mathematics Department of Ankara Gazi Education Institution. Due to the Second Wolrld War before starting the education in this institute, he was recruited as a student in Reserve Officer School. After serving in army, he returned to Gazi Education Institution, and graduated in 1943 as a mathematics teacher. Due to superior success after graduation, he was assigned as mathematics teacher of Institute, and three months later, assigned as Vice Principal. He was recruited again as the Second Wolrld War was intensified, and took charge in Kuleli Military High School as mathematics teacher for three years. After military service, Tatiş returned to Gazi Education Institute, and was assigned as mathematics teacher in Izmir Trade High School due to his marriage and his own demand. While carrying out the duty of mathematics teaching, he realized his opinion to open a private school on 15 November 1950. He was Principal of Izmir Private Turkish College between 1950 and 1975. He established Near East Private Academies in 1968 as the first private university in Turkey. He was granted with the title of “Honorary PhD” by Ege University Senate in 1990-1991 and Dokuz Eylül University Senate in 1994-1995 due to his contributions on secondary education. His books called as Trigonometry Lessons, Geometry Lessons, Mathematics Lessons, Ideals and Facts, 21st Century and Existence in Future with Teachers were published. Bahattin Tatış died on 26 October 2008 while he was 89 years old.

Cevdet Birsay

He was born in Prepol in Kosova in 1890. He graduated from Mathematics-Physic Department of Istanbul Supernal Teacher School in 1917. Being called as big educator and presenting mathematics in Izmir in his period, Cevdet Bilsay started working in Izmir Private Turkish College in 1950 after working in high schools in Izmir and Istanbul. He leaded to open mathematics laboratory in Izmir Private Turkish College, and enabled his students to reach success in various competitions and in university entrance exams by preparing them in mathematics. In spite of the fact that he left actual teaching at the age of 73, he proceeded to take charge in Izmir Private Turkish College to consult young teacher upon the insistence of Bahattin Bey.

Bahattin Ersoy

Bahattin Ersoy was born in Izmir in 1922. After completing his primary education in Şehit Fethi Bey Primary School, he continued his secondary education in Izmir Male High School. After graduating from high school, he took the first step of his teaching dreams in Istanbul. He started to take education for Chemistry Teaching in Istanbul Teacher School. Graduating on February 1948, Bahattin Ersoy completed the first part of his internship in Izmir Atatürk High School. He completed the remaining part in Malatya High School and took charge as Chemistry Teacher until he was recruited in 1956. After military service, he carried out the duty of Vice Principal as well as Chemistry Teacher in Uşak High School. He started in Izmir Private Turkish College as Chemistry Teacher in 1960. Ersoy took charge as Principal between 1983 and 1985, and then retired. Bahattin Ersoy died in 2010.

Güven Zeyrek

He was born in Ayvalık in 1935. His companionship with his dear teacher Artist Prof. Adnan Turani, whom he met in the period of his secondary education, converted his interest on art to a passion. He completed his education in Ankara Gazi University Education Institute in 1957, and settled in Izmir. Between 1957 and 1987, he took charge as Painting and Art History Teacher in Izmir Private Turkish College. Within this period, he came to be known with his exhibitions opened in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara. Güven Zeyrek is an significant artist maintinging his own style in modern Turkish Art as well as his teaching activities. He participated in the art exhibitions held by organizations such as DYO and Vakko, and took many awards. He met Prof. Dr. Süleyman Velioğlu in 1983-1984. He participated in Akatünvel Art Society established by Süleyman Velioğlu. He carried out examinations in Museums in Florance, Venezia, Nice, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Sarajevo, Wien, Budapest and Prag-Odessa-Sivastopol. He held a retrospective exhibition (including backtrack stages and whole art life) in Kbele Art Gallery in the 50th year of his art life. The same exhibition was held in Izmir Atatürk Culture Center later. Güven Zeyrek made art works more than 500 in his art life exceeding 50 years between 1957 and 2009. Güven Zeyrek took charge in Izmir Private Turkish College as art teacher until his retirement in 1987.

Orhan Edgüer

Being born in Alaşehir in 1919, Orhan Ergüer completed high education in Gazi Education Institution, Department of History and Geography. He worked as teacher and vice principal in Karşıyaka High School in 1944 – 1959. From the year of 1952, he took charge as Vice Principal in Izmir Private Turkish College as well as these duties. Working as principal in Izmir Private Turkish College between 1976-1978 and 1980-1983, Orhan Edgüer died in 2006.

Cahit Gürkan

After graduating from Adana High School in 1936, he participated in Ankara State Conservatory with Saim Alpago. At the same year, he was accepted in Civil Aviation School (Turkish Bird). He took place among the flight instructors grown by Sabiha Gökçen, the head teacher of the school. Meanwhile, he proceeded the theoric and practical lessons in Conservatory. After graduation, he completed his military service as Reserve Officer. He took charge in the establishment of Izmir City Theatre in 1946. At this time, he started taking roles in summer movies.He played with Türkan Şoray in his first move “Dikmen Yıldızı”, and with Muhterem Nur with his last and 30th movie. He started Izmir Private Turkish College in 1960 as director, and carried out this duty for more than fifty years until retirement. Winning recognition with the plays while working in the school, Cahit Gürkan presented significant players to Turkish Theatre such as Haluk Bilginer and Volcan Severcan.

Pakize Yelen

She was born in Kastamonu Daday. He completed his higher education in Gazi Education Institution. She took charge as teacher in Kastamonu, Ankara, Manisa Akhisar. After retiring in 1969, she worked in Izmir Private Turkish College. She motived her students to read books, granted her own library to Izmir Private Turkish College, and therefore her name was givent to the school library. She combines her essays and conversation in book named as “Yahya Kemal Üzerine Bir Konferans”, “Ana Gibi Yar Olmaz”, “Avrupa Dedikleri”, “Bir Ektim Bin Biçtim” and “Örnekler Kompozisyon”.

Turan Çelik

He was born in Yozgat in 1928. He proceeded his university education in Commercial Sciences Academy until the last class. He did not prevent his passion on sport and made a radical decision in the last class of university, and entered Gazi Education Institution – Department of Physical Education. He got married with Sevim Hanım in his class after graduating. And then, his duty place was determined as Kastamonu as a result of casting lots, however he wanted to carry out obligatory military service. He played in Basketball Team of Air Force Academy during his military service in 1950s. The team including Turan Çelik became Turkey Champion. After completing the military service, Çelik took charge as teacher in Kastamonu for 8 years. Reaching great success in all duty places, Çelik established the first basketbaal team in Kastamonu, and presented a court. With the guidance of his friend Faik Gökay in 1958, he entered the exams for assistant in Gazi University, and became an assistant. He worked here for long years. And then, Çelik established the Department of English and Physical Education in Izmir Bornova. Later, he took charge in Buca Education Faculty. While carrying out his duty here, he was assigned to Şaphane Village in Kütahya. Serving in universities for a long time, Çelik demanded for retirement due to the assignment decision. Making great effort to establish the first Female Basketball Team in Turkey, Çelik reached many successes. Turan Çelik proceeded his career in Izmir Private Turkish College in 1983, and took charge within ITK Family for long years.

Aziz Şafak

He was born in Bolu in 1928. He started in Izmir Private Turkish College as Chef as of November in the school year of 1952-1953. Due to the fact that Talaş Pastry, made by Aziz Şafak, working in Izmir Private Turkish College for more than 50 years, was admired by students, the dinner held by graduated students of Izmir Private Turkish College every year has been named as “Day of Talaş Pastry” since 1988. Enabling the “Day of Talaş Pastry” to be traditionalized, Aziz Şafak took charge as Chef until he left Izmir Private Turkish College due to his old-age.

İhsan Çetin Altıntuğ

Being born in Bingazi in 1906, İhsan Çetin Altıntuğ completed his education in 1938 in Gazi Education Institution, with this day’s name, in Gazi University Education Faculty. Starting his professional career as primary school teacher and being the teacher of our founder Bahattin Tatış, İhsan Çetin Altıntuğ started taking charge in Izmir Private Turkish College in 1953 as Turkish Language Teacher. Assigned as Vice Principal in 1956, Altıntuğ wrote a Georgraphy Book for primary school class 4 and 5, and Turkish Book for secondary school students in order to share his professional knowledge and experiences with young teachers. İhsan Çetin Altıntuğ proceeded his duty as Vice Principal until his death in 1963.

Dündar Alpman

Being born in Istanbul in 1912, Dündar Alpman completed his higher education in Ankara University Edcuation Faculty – Department of Music Teaching in 1937. Composing ITK Anthem, which our students have sung from the establishment of Izmir Private Turkish College, and Farewell Oratorio in the school year of 1963-1964, Dündar Alpman proceeded his duty as Vice Principal in Izmir Private Turkish College until 1965.