İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

ITK English Program

We provide advanced foreign language skills both in English and 2nd foreign language, and we prepare them to a multicultural and multilingual world with our international projects and foreign language tests. In ITK Schools, English education starts in kindergarten and continues intensely until senior year of high school with 20 hours in preparation class. Besides English, German, French and Spanish second foreign languages are applied since preparation class. With course detection exam in the beginning of each school year, levels of the students are determined and we give a specially planned education to them to improve language skills. In our courses according to European Union Common Language Criteria, there are activities to improve listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, and we care about out students’ usage frequency of the languages in daily life and school campus.

Internationally Valid Certificates That Shows Language Sufficiency

 Our students are trained with an emphasis placed on being successful in internationally recognized exams such as the Cambridge suite of exams up to and including IELTS as well as TOEFL both of which are trusted and considered by many European universities. From a young age students are exposed to these international exams and those wishing to enter are strongly encouraged and we congratulate their efforts at our annual certificate ceremonies.

Language Programs Which Teach Language by “Experimenting and Using” in Language Itself:

 During any given school year our students participate in debates, dramas, forums and contests both within the school itself as well as at national or international events. We prepare students for a new multicultural and multilingual world with participation in projects such as Destination Imagination (DI), European Youth Parliament (EYP), European Youth Forum (EYF), Junior Model United Nations (JMUM) and the Model United Nations (MUN.

An Approach To Contribute To Visions of Teachers:

The ITK ELT (English Language Teaching) Conference has been organized for more than 10 years and attracts almost 1000 linguists and teachers annually. Each year the ITK ELT emphasizes the changing roles of today's teachers and focuses on practical solutions to issues in a modern dynamic educational environment.

Our Practices: 

Our students' are exposed to both visually and audibly rich materials with modern i-tool software on state of the art touch screen smartboards. Many of our lessons are further supported with interactive materials that can be accessed at home on laptops or other mobile devices. However our teachers recognize that these technological tools are not the only resource to be utilized in the classroom, our students play games, conduct role-plays, sing songs and enjoy many other techniques designed to make learning both enjoyable and effective. .

English Student Presentations:

 From the 3rd grade each student prepares a PowerPoint presentation on a subject of their choice for presentation to their friends in class. Students are taught to pay attention to eye contact with the audience, the use of body language, language accuracy, tone of voice, fluent speaking and timing while presenting these presentations. These presentations allow our students to gain confidence with public speaking which will be a vital skill in their coming education and future careers.


CLIL Programme:

 The CLIL Programme, which is an integrated education method, where foreign language teaching and teaching of different disciplines are conducted simultaneously. In the English lessons students study other topics such as Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts, Music, Social Studies, Garden Games, Kitchen Arts, Ecology, Story Time and Drama with their English teacher.