İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

2.Foreign Language

While making our students gain advanced foregin language skills in both English and  second foreign language skills, we also prepare them to a multi-cultured and multi-languaged world with the international projects we have made and foreign language tests we have applied. English language education which starts in kindergarten in ITC schools, continues intensely until the senior year of high school including 20 hours in preparation class. Besided English, starting since the preparation class, also German, French and Spanish second foreign language programmes are applied.

Internationally Valid Certificates Documenting Language Sufficiency:

 Our students document how advanced the language educations they got with the certificates they get in Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS tests; which are accepted as clear and trusted evaluation systems showing English language sufficiency  by many universities worldwide and to be succeded in order to get Language Passport mentioned  in Europe Language Portfolio. Our aim in second language education is to help our students start university privileged and advantaged by helping them get German START, French DELF and Spanish DELE A1/A2/B1/B2 language diplomas in primary and high school according to their class levels.

Language Programmes Which Attains “Experiencing and Using” The Language in Its Own Culture:

Our students get the chance to test and reinforce the knowledge they got during the school year by joining reading, poetry, drama, debating contests and workshops of German Culture Centre, French Culture Centre, Istanbul Cervantes Institute and foreign universities and institutes. Our students improve their degrees which they got in academic contests and tests they have joined abroad with language acquisitions they got near their native language while preparing for a multi-cultured and multi-languaged world with international projects and club activities such as DI, EYP, MUN, ISTA, COMENIUS, EUROSIMA.

Our Goals: 

* To endear German, French and Spanish languages. * Encouraging the students to communicate in these languages by handling actual issues by drawing their interests. * Supporting the students to take the language tests (German START, French DELF and Spanish DELE A1/A2/B1). * To help them start university privileged and advantaged by making them get these language diplomas in primary and high school. *Drawing attention to different cultures by creating a multi-languaged and multi-cultured perspective. * Increasing and improving their communication skill in foreign language for them to represent their country and culture in international relations in a proper way.

Our Program: 

* We are offering second language choice to our students since preparation class among German-French-Spanish languages in 2016-2017 school year. * Our lessons which are 1 hour a week in preparation class, 2 hours a week in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, 3 hours a week in 5th,6th and 7th grades and 2 hours a week in 8th grade, we make our students gain listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. * With actual methods, we care about our students gaining the habit of using the language they learn in daily life and school campus. *In our lessons taught within the frame of Common Language Criterias of European Union, we give the chance to reinforce the knowledge they got from project workshops and various competitions related to the language they learn which we helped them join  with their creativity. * Our students get German, French and Spanish lessons 3 hours a week in 6th and 7th grades and in 1st and 2nd grades of high school, 2 hours a week in 3rd and 4th grades of high school. * Lesson books are selected among the methods prepared within European Union Common Language Criterias. * Four main language skills are aimed to be gained in lessons. Workshops of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing are held according to this. * In second foreign language lessons, our aim is to educate students in different levels in the best way. Our students divide into two different levels (A-COURSE = GOOD AND ADVANCED, B-COURSE = ELEMENTARY AND MEDIUM LEVEL) according to Level Detection Exam (DBS) in 9th grade and they get education for their own levels.

Assesment and Evaluation:

 Course Detection Exams are held in each School Year’s beginning. * Each semester, a written exam, an AGIS (includes the parts in the test) are applied and 2 oral grades are given. * In written exams, understanding the reading, vocabulary knowledge, grammar and written expression skills are tested. In Academic Improvement Tracking Exams (AGIS), there are additionally “LISTENING” and “OPEN-ENDED” parts. * Oral grades are given according to understanding what they hear, speaking, contribution to lessons, grammar and vocabulary knowledge, projects, presentations and course materials.

Internationally Valid Exams:

The biggest aim of Second Foreign Language Department is to see the students’ success in START, DELF and DELE exams held by German Culture, French Culture and Cervantes Institute. START, DELF and DELE are European Union Language Sufficiency exams. Levels are described as following by European Union: *A1,A2 Basic User *B1,B2 Independent User *C1,C2 Competent User. *Language skills of foreign learners of German, French and Spanish are tested out of 4 criterias; listening, speaking, reading, writing.


The received diploma is valid worldwide. * All the language skills the student gains in school are recorded in this diploma. * A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2 diplomas show the language sufficiency of the students who will g oto college in Germany, France and Spain. * The received diploma is an efficient file to show the language level in Europe and any other counrties.

Contribution to Exercises:

The students get the chance to practice their language skills by contributing to reading, poetry and drama competitions and workshops held by German and French Culture Centers and Istanbul Cervantes Institute. Also different concepts for each language are offered in our school’s event “IN-SCHOOL EVENTS”. In each exercise Second Foreign Language Department offers, the main aim is to provide an environment where students can love the language they have chosen and use it actively.