İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Academic Gains

Every student of ITK must have exceptional knowledge in Academic Gains (main topics). These main topics are as the following


 Physical Education

 Our aim is to raise students as people who have gained the fundamental information, skills, habits and manners about sports; who does sports in order to live actively and healthily; who knows how to fair play; who is always honest, self confident and never loses the effort to go through difficult times; who has self discipline and can decide quickly at times of stress; who has sports culture and takes care of traditional sports; who follows various sports and has knowledge about their rules; who is healthy individually and societally, who is happy and good natured.


 Our aim is to raise students who can interpret the developments and current information in the field of biology; who can internalize these and use in their daily lives; who is responsible about the ecosystem they are living in; who has understood the effect of the physiological development process of individuals on the societal health and psychology; who has an inquisitive soul and can think scientifically, who can built a relation of cause and effect and has the ability to solve problems.


 Our aim is to raise students who understand the interaction of ecologic, social and politic relations made by both humans and nature; who take the quality of environment into consideration; who has the feeling of responsibility about protecting the world and all the living beings in it; who can carry the humane and natural values forward by using geographical information and skills and who does not see these as another topic to learn about but who can adopt these as thoughts and habits and can apply these in their daily lives.

 Religion Culture and Ethics

 Our aim is to raise students who know their religion, culture and morals, who can stand up for the values they believe in, who do favors and create ideas to correct the wrong things they see and who has the correct information, correct belief, correct manners.


 Our aim is to raise students who can give meaning to the world with the possibilities of their native language, who read, who understand how the national and international values enrich with artistic texts, who benefit from the past to familiarize themselves with the needs and requirements of the future; who impress their environment by using Turkish correctly and efficiently and who can take pleasure from the aesthetic beauty of art.


 Our aim is to raise students who can combine our cultural values with universal ethical values while helping them to look at life multidimensionally; who can question different opinions and develop new ideas and who can explain the world, society and humankind not with dogmas and superstitions but with the guidance of science and intelligence and who contribute to making the society and the world a more habitable place.

 Science and Technology

 Our aim is to raise students who are curious about science and technology, who can construct cause and effect relations using the cognitive processing skills and can use the results in their daily lives, who has realized the importance of teamwork and can express themselves clearly in groups, who can use this in their daily life, who can solve every problem with the help of science and intelligence, who respect the different ideas and can see the events objectively and sensitive about the environment they are living in.

 Visual Arts

 Our aim is to raise students who can freely express their feelings, thoughts and observations, who has transformed art into a lifestyle and developed a sense of esthetics; who is self confident and has artistic literacy; who has learned the different movements in arts and knows their national and cultural richnesses, who can distinguish between ordinary and permanent and uses the information and 21st century knowledge and skills doing this.


 Our aim is to raise students who has a grasp for the science of physics with common principles; who can adapt to the changing situation in the world, has developed a sense for his physical environment, knows not only how to solve a problem but also know how to approach new problems, has a sense of analysis, who is aware that knowledge can change and be renewed; who follows scientific developments closely and takes examples, who can produce new information and has learning as a lifestyle.


 Our aim is to help students gain the ability to use their foreign languages as the best tool to integrate themselves in the universal culture.  Our mission is not only to teach English but also raise students who has good communication skills, has a sense of linguistics and sharing and obtaining knowledge in an international level along with representing skills, grew up in the educational system of ITK and who can protect and convey international and Turkish values in the constantly changing world and who can represent their individual opinions and societal manners in the world thanks to the communication in our classes. We want to guide our students to surpass the information pollution of our century and to enable them to criticize the ideologic propaganda of the consumer culture meanwhile following the agenda of their country and the international agenda, being able to comment and contribute to it intellectually with a good level of English.


 Our aim is, through an education process where the student is on the focus, to prepare students for life who understand that chemistry is a process that rely on observation and experiments, who can explain the chemical phenomena in macroscopic and microscopic levels, who can relate his knowledge to daily life, who is aware of the effects of chemistry on the environment and on life, who has internalized free and scientific thinking, who is literate about media and technology, knows and applies the scientific ethic, who can correlate between chemistry and other sciences, who can come up with rational and creative solutions to problems after having approached them critically and inquisitively, who can communicate in international platforms using the scientific language, who understands the importance Atatürk puts on science and who uses the national resources carefully.


 Our goal is to help our students develop their mathematical knowledge, thinking, skills and abilities and to enable them produce solutions mathematically for their daily life problems, to enable them relate mathematics with other disciplines and turn them into people who can think objectively and analytically, who can tell their thoughts openly and certainly with scientific basis and be productive.


 Our aim is to enable our students to use their voice and the Turkish language correctly , who has the ability and discipline to work together, who can express themselves through music, who has the habit to listen to universal music, who has the ability and the discipline to play at least one instrument and who are creative and open for changes.

 Social Sciences

 Our aim is to raise students who can understand our national unity, who knows what to do in order to turno Turkey into a strong state where Atatürk’s principles and revolutions are followed, who knows their rights and adopts their life accordingly, who takes lessons from our history and foresees the future, who takes Atatürk’s ideas further and adapts them to their life, who is able to compare the situation in Turkey with that of the past and provide solutions, productive and able to draw similarities with daily life.


 To guide our students for perceiving the stages and sustainability of humanity with the curiosity of history reading and researching in the integrity of time and place, and for commending the new actual and historical information with the critical perspective and without any prejudice, and for combining national values with universal ones by means of historical observation skills and experiences and for dominating present and future in the truest way. 

 Turkish Language

 To grow individuals who comprehend the rules and technicality of Turkish language, and take care of usage in their lives to protect, and express their feeling and opinions in written correctly, and persuade the respondents while speaking in public, and transfer the messages correctly, and read and commend the works in Turkish and World cultures consciously, and discuss with others and therefore comprehend the literal value of the work, and like researching, and to prepare them for upper degree and life.

 Foreign Languages

 To grow our students as individuals who use the knowledge and skills in 2nd foreign language and adopt multilingual and multi cultural perception to make difference internationally in the fields such as science, art, technology, sociology and communication, and make contact efficiently by exhibiting language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in more than one language, and obtain universiality at all ages.

 Psychological Counseling and Guidance

 To follow the cognitive, emotional, mental and social developments of our students by considering the features of their ages, and to support them to be individuals having skills of 21st century. The students in our kindergarten, primary, secondary and high schools are supported by Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department of Izmir Private Turkish College academically and individually with the approach “every child is special” by considering their development periods, interests, abilities and expectations.