İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

HighSchool PCG Studies


Psychological Counseling and Guidance is a systematic and professional assistance process carried out to enable the individual to be aware of himself/herself and to distinguish his/her interest and abilities and realize himself/herself. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department follows all our students in the school by considering their features in development period. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department makes contribution to grow individuals, who know and rely on themselves, have abilities of compliance and communication, are sensitive to environment, and are happy, healthy and make correct decisions and express themselves, and solve the problmes and become creative ones.  In our school, progressive and preventative guaidance perception dominates, not crisis-focused guidance by considering the approach of “Every Child is Special”. According to this approach, it is followed whether every student realizes the progressive duties required in his/her age, and the necessary instructions and shares are made after determining the negative points of the student.



Today, the concepts of professional guidance and profession choice is intensively argued, and the concept of career is used instead of profession and career development instead of Professional development and career consultancy instead of profession consultancy. In this regard, including all the life of students, the career training and studies take place among the most important duties of PCG Department in ITK Schools. Career training in ITK Schools covers the period from class 9 to the graduation of the students as well as it includes the time period after higher education to be obtained later. The career development of the graduated students are followed constantly and cooperation is carried out with them and required information is acquired by ITK Schools.