İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Kindergarten PCG Studies

Orientation Studies: In the first days of the school, we are trying to increase the rapport of the newcoming students with the school. Furthermore, the parents are informed about what to do in this period.


Studies to meet students: Students are interviewed individually. Evaluations and tests are conducted in order to know the students better. Students are observed in play and study environments. Evaluations about students are made in collaboration with the teachers. Furthermore, group activities are conducted in the classroom.


Developmental Counseling Activities: In Kindergarten PDR activities, development counselling model prevails. This model sees the student as a whole and focuses on their ability to go through a mental, emotional, socio-psychologic, physical development process according to their age.


Educational Guidance Studies: Students are provided with support so that they can obtain particular abilities and can learn easily and constitute an efficient learning environment. It focuces on the descover of interests and abilities of the students.


Protective Mental Health Studies: They are the protective mental health studies that are done before     students have problems. Class counselling studies about conflict solving, privacy education and saying no topics and increasing focusing, knowing oneself and environment, knowing emotions, supporting creative thinking, active communication studies are done.


School Maturity Studies: ‘’Marmara Being Ready for Primary School Scale’’ is applied to each student who finishes 60th month in school.The scale results are reported and shared with parent and form teacher.


Parent Seminars: They are parent conferences given by experts  by determining the topics parents need.


Bulletin Studies: Information about bulletin writings in topics parents need are shared