İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

PCG Function


Each child is special. Izmir Private Turkish College Psychologic Counseling and Guidance office takes care of all Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Anadolu High School and Science High School students, bearing in mind that ever child is special and serves not only with a crisis focused mind but also a developmental and preventive counselling understanding. Psychologic Counseling and Guidance office contributes students to become individual who know themselves, have confidence in themselves, agreeable, able to communicate, responsible, happy, healthy, creative and able to give the right decisions.




Studies for Students, Parents and Teachers:

According to this understanding, each student is checked if they correspond to the developmental pattern of their age group, their lacking qualities are spotted and helped to complete these. Furthermore, ITK organizes seminars about education possibilities abroad in order to inform the students and the parents.

Programs to monitor the Academic and Social development of the student:

“Student Leadership system”: The academic and behavioral development of the student is closely monitored by the cooperation of the coaches of the student and counselling experts. Thanks to a database, student centered evaluation is possible for support programs, counseling guides, social area choices and university choices. In collaboration with the parents as well, the student is ensured to be successful.

Preparatory studies for University and Success in life:

Since for young people it is important to be prepared for life as well as for academic success, Psychologic Counseling and Guidance office conducts counselling works in the vital areas such as age, communication, technology usage, values education and health. Within the scope of Career Choosing and Leading programe, “Occupation Inventory” and “Occupational Shadow” programs are conducted with the aim to support academic success in collaboration with Assessment and Evaluation Office.

Thus our students are well prepared for this very important exam both academically and psychologically as well as they are gaining important skills such as time management.