İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Secondary School PCG Studies

Orientation Studies: All the students in our secondary schools are provided with orientation program in order to introduce the physical conditions and operation of the school. Within the program,  ITK rules and spirit is studied.


Educational Guidance Studies: Target determining studies: All our students are discussed in the beginning of the school year, and their targets for the said year and target of class 8 for highschool and forwards are determined. Education is given to our students in groups so that they understand the working of brain and the learning process in order to increase the success in their lessons.


Determining Studies for Learning Types: By applying inventory for determination of our students related to “Learning Types”, study habits of learning types are emphasized.


Studies for Test Doing Technics: Studies are carried out in order to increase the skills of our students about test technics and to inform them about the examination process.


TEOG Process Studies: Our students are informed about TEOG process anda re feedbacked after the examination success during the school year.


Exam Anxiety Studies: Exam anxiety inventory is applied to our student and all our students are included in this study.


Individual Interest-Ability Determining Studies: In order to determine the interests and abilities of our students and help them for correct choice, Academic Individuality Conception questionaire is applied and the results are shared with students and their parents.


Profession Intrduction Studies: Our students are supported so that they can make suitable choices about highschool and professions.  


Personal Development and Progressive Guidance Studies: Studies on Adolescence Period: Individual and group studies are carried out in order to inform our students during the school year for supporting them about the development features of adolescence period and problems in this period.


Development Studies for Anger Management and problem Solving Abilities: Individual and group studies are carried out in order to enable our students to express themselves when they are angry.


Studies on Abuse of Compeer and Cyber Crimes: Group studies are carried out in order to inform the students about the importance of frienship relations and limitations on usage of internet.


Studies for Boarders: Follow-up studies are carried out about academic and social abilities during the school year for the purpose of supporting the adaptation process of our boarders.