İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Studies on Parents and Friendhip Relations

Group studies are carried out during the year about the friendship relations, the most important supporter of our spritual health. Individual and group studies are performed about the following issues for the purpose of enabling the parents to support the students in a better way:

  • Attitudes related to the course success
  • Perspectives to be developed in adolescence periods,
  • TEOG Process
  • Coping skills with domestic problems,
  • Behaviour problmes and coping skills,
  • Studies on students in necessity of personal support
  • Studies on gifted students,
  • Follow-up studies on the students taking support of expertise.


Test and Inventory: Various tests and inventories are applied with the cooperation of Measuring and Evaluation Department in order to determine personal problems, family problems and professional decisions of our student and to help them solving their problems.