İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Ability Clubs

Food: First, people started eating just to survive and then, they started to think about their apetite. When the priority had become the apetite, kitchen artists showed up and created proper food recipes for the people. The work kitchen artists create is not permanent, they are consumed. That is why kitchen artists must always produce and innovate. With this feature, there is an endless motion in kitchen art.


Fashion and Style Club: Fashion and style are ways of expression of one’s character without words. Understanding what fashion and style are is very important to create one’s own journey. Journey in fashion and style club of young people who are interested in fashion and style is an exploring phase to understand what fashion is and creating with their own perspectives. Students’ own exploring phases will be exhibited in the fashion show in the end of the year and they will get the chance tol ive the excitement of a fashion show.