İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Physical Education Clubs

Folk Dance: In our folk dance club we opened in almost every level of İzmir Turkish College, our students learn our traditional and modern folk dances and music.They also learn teamwork and their self-confidence develops at the same time.As İTK, raising young people who know the importance of conserving our own culture is an important part of our mission.


Basketball: Students who won’t take place in the basketball team but want to learn this sport and improve their skills will be taken to the basketball club in our school.  Basketball’s core technical knowledge will be given in the club both theoretically and practically.Single rim streetball matches, 3 point shot contests, talent contests and basketball tournament that neighbour schools will join will be organized.Moreover, famous players and coaches will be invited to our school and interviewed.Our aim is to clothe the İTK uniform to all our students choosing our club in the matches.It is planned to be gone to the Beko Basketball League matches helded at the weekends this year once in 2 months and 5 times in total.



Volleyball: Volleyball is a sport branch which stands out more with our recent international successes.One of the most important aims of this sport branch in our school is raising players for school girl volleyball team.As well as developing the body physically as every sport brach does, it helps body to be flexible more than other sports.Volleyball’s psychologic and social effects are relevant with each other.Volleyball has two dominant features.One of them is that volleyball is a sports brach against violence because of the net between the teams.The other one is that volleyball is a team sport.It teaches children to move away from violence and act as a team.


Table Tennis: First world championship of table tennis was organized in 1927, London.The oldest form of table tennis was played by English army officers in India and South Africa in 1880s with the name of salon tennis.It became an olympic sport in 1988.Gaining reflex, blowing off steam, helping to take fast and right decisions and helping self control to  develop, improving long-term focusing skills, gaining discipline, helping hand-eye and hand-foot coordination to develop are some benefits of tennis.Thus, we are expecting our student’s participation to our table tennis club.


Handball: Handball is a resistance and speed game and salon sport, which is played as two teams consisting of 7 players in each team, 6 of which is in the field and 1 of which is in the goal.In handball one-to-one struggle is more than other sports.The aims of this sport in Private Turkish College are endearing handball to our students, giving them theoretical and practical information and raising students willing to play in school team.Handball increases the individual’s body Dynamics and physical development.It helps to gain strenght, speed and resistance and features psychological and social development.Because it is a team sport, it teaches acting together.It improves students’ deciding fast and practising skills.


Chess: In İzmir Turkish College the principle that chess gain people a life philosophy and thinking way is embodied and put into practise beginning from the first classes.


Step Aerobatics: Step is a sport consists of opening streching movements with fast pace in company with music.If it is practised with the aim of losing weight or gaining weight unwillingly it can be quite cumbersome because losing and gaining weight require will power as well as regular meal and sport.Step-aerobatics programmes remove this situation and enable to do sports in a very enjoyable atmosphere in company with music and to have a good time.


Modern Dance: Dance is a existence form including art in itself.It is a dance type based on stage and performance people display their creativity and the emotion wanted to be expressed by using the inner rhythm.


Latin Dance: It expresses all the dance types performed as saloon and folk dance, deriving from Latin America countrires, espicially Porto Rico and Cuba and spreading to the world.