İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Science and Technology Clubs


DI Club (Destination Imagination)

Our aim is to give creativity, critical thinking, working in a team, using time in the best way, improving their own skills and problem solving skills to our students. In 1st Instant Mission competition 2nd Team competition Instant Missions, our students and parents put forward their creativity while completing the given mission in a short time and with limited materials. Thus they improve fast thinking, deciding and applying their decision skils and most importantly, they have so much fun doing 

these. In team competition, the students work on a mission based on theater, design, spontaneity, science-technic for almost 4 months and prepare a solution. They make a scenario out of the solution and present it. The team who successes in Turkey finals gets a chance to join the world finals. This club is open to those who care about creative and out-of-the-box thinking.


PSSP (Partner School Science Program)

Parter School Science Program center is a cultural and scientific project sharing program which started with cooperation of “Global Friendship Through Space Education” foundation of California and Space Camp Turkey in 1993. In this project, after PSSP Turkey schools become sister schools with various schools in America, schools do the projects about “space” which NASA creates. While doing these projects, the students get the chance to know other students from different cultures and improve their knowledge and skills. Our school is a PSSP member since 1993. As a part of this project, the students make video conferences with their sister schools “MEET&GREET VIDEOCONFERENCE” and with NASA and they e-mail each other to share knowledge, culture and projects they have made. At each schoolyear’s end, all PSSP schools get the chance to know each other in Turkey. This week is called “E-pal Week”. In this camp week, the students are getting education and get the chance to contribute to meeting the astranouts and press meeting. Also they exhibit the works they made all year in “Science Fair”. In “Special Night Event”, each school presents a show of their own culture. Finally they get their PSSP certificates. Thanks to these certificates, there are our students who won scholarships in America’s universities.


FPS (Future Problem Solving) Club

Future Problem Solving Club is an education problem associated with United States of America which supports students’ 21st century skills to improve by focusing on analytic thinking and research skills.