İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Visual Arts Clubs


In visual arts education, the main element isn’t talent because art isn’t only for a talented society, it is for every individual at every age in a society.The main purpose of İzmir Türk College’s visual arts education isn’t not only raising artists, but also directing each student to creativity and satisfying their informational, cognitive, sensating and emotional needs because anyone taking art education takes a step in thinking broadly and intellectually.These will enable our students to respect to the perspectives, opinions and  likings of other people living in the same society.


Painting and Handicrafts: People use painting art as expression means of their feelings and their experiences since paleolithic.Painting art is the fastest perceived one among all art types.Pictures we draw in İzmir Turkish College are evaluated best according to our students’ knowledge and skills and displayed in exhibitions in school and out of school on all occasions.


Ceramic: In İzmir Turkish College our students start to study ceramic beginning from very early ages.They learn teamwork in this way, leave their tables clean after studying and adopt public consciousness.Their creativity develops, they come up with different solutions to the problems they have, gain self-confidence, express themselves better, create unique products  by knowing different materials, learn how to use various tools, improve tool using skills by strengthening hand muscles.


Photograph: Photograph is recording instant images of objects existing in universe by using the effect of light through a device (camera).It can be characterized as editing the light falling on the objects, ruling the light and playing it and presenting it with its best side.Photographers present everyone’s perspective, the form of their vizors shaped by light in  the most artistic way.If you want your children gain the ability of reflecting and expressing the objects or moments seeming to everyone same more differently and artistically, let them experience photographing.