İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Mathematics Clubs


Enyoyable Mathematics: In enjoyable mathematics club you will realize that mathematics some find boring and difficult actually has such an enjoyable and surprising world.Well, what do we do in this club? We know magical squares and do applications about them, play strategy games, make origamis, organize activities about Cahit Arf Week, solve the questions of Intelligence Foundation, organize Pi Day celebrations, paint t-shirts, which represent our own mathematics world, discover mathematics in the world, cook Pi cookies, solve logic and intelligence questions.


Strategy and Mind Games: Strategy games trigger researching and thinking differently,improve focusing and  gain the ability to decide quickly and practise.It helps to create new ideas by moving away from stereotyped ideas.The aims of this club are strengthening the focus and concentration and gaining planing, reasoning, problem solving and teamwork skills.


Mathematics Workshop: Mathematics Workshop was founded with the aim of identifying our studies in mathematics field, planning various visiauls and remarkable, riveting, different, studies parallel with curriculum that will be under the guidance of our mathematics teachers and in charge of our students, within this framework encouraging the participation of the students out of the club with ‘’How to Listen and Study Maths?’’ presentation and ‘’Like a Short Film’’ collage displays and thus making students discovered the sympathetic  sides of mathematics and the sides of it that can be reflected to the daily life apart from its scary side.


Mathematics Competition Club: The aim of this club is forming the mathematics team that can think analytically, has the quick-wit, can see the things with a different perspective, is prone to teamwork. In our club hours which will become amusing  with various strategy and mind games we will have the opportunity to do mind exercises with advanced maths questions.