İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Music Clubs


We always wonder how we can improve our child’s creativity and imagination.Music is one of the best ways for this.They meet music at early ages and comprehend the differences between the music types.This develops their imagination and sense of rhythm.Children are curious and excited about a lot of things.Rich music repertoire and interesting curriculum provide them suitable music atmosphere, make their first meeting music exciting and enjoyable.When this course combines music’s dynamism, physical and spiritual activities, it stimulates their music sense and prepare them for further music teachings.Music art is taught in İzmir Turkish College beginning from youngest class.


Orchestra: Our school orchestra consists of students who display successful performances thanks to our music education formed with a good fundamental.In the orchestra practises it is aimed students to engrain in the pleasure of playing together in the orchestra practises and improving individual playing level. It is planned that course content consists of current and popular works.As well as repertoir knowledge, rules that are supposed to be obeyed while playing together,performing good music criterias are primary subjects.


Guitar: We aim with the students choosing Guitar Club to create a good repertoir by improving the melody, rhythm and chord practises in the light of note and musical knowledge during the year, make club hours enjoyable and educative and display our practises with a concert at the end of the year.We think that all practises will contribute students to completing their individual developments a lot and improve their musical taste and culture.


Violin: The aim of this course is meeting children basic violin playing technics.Children learn that they should practise regularly  so that they can make progress.It aims also increasing children’s tendency to music by having them violin played.


Piano: Eye hand coordination developing thanks to playing piano enables to learn writing easily and well.Children learn to focus fast thanks to playing piano.Following playing pieces improves concentration and focusing.Playing the note readed correctly  and finding the right tempo also increase concentration.Playing piano increases children’s success at science, maths and subjects about engineering.Like playing all the instruments, playing piano increases self-confidence.The memories of children who play piano improve, they don’t forget easily.


Violoncello / Cello: The aim of this course is gaining students the basic knowledge and skills of violoncello which is a symphonic instrument.It also aims students to express themselves through music, increasing their self-confidence and contributing to their individual success by taking part in concerts and activities held at the end of the year.Violoncello education requires a well-disciplined practise like every instrument education.This habit will be supportive in every field during their life.Practising with other instruments harmonizingly will be a model to cooperation in social life and the importance and benefit of solidarity.


Band: İTK School Band which was founded in 1956-1957 school year with 16 instruments, represents İzmir Turkish College in ceremonies, institutional openings, science and art festivals, gradiation ceremonies and many more organizations.In İTK School Band which is invited to national and international festivals and perform various marches and is under the spotlight, 3 flutes, 1 clarinet, 6 alto saxes, 6 tenor saxes, 9 trumpets, 3 baritones, 2 tubas, in total 30 wind instruments; 4 timpanos, 4 cymbals and 22 tambourins, in total 30 percussion instruments and in total 60 musical instruments are played by students studying in different grades from primary school to high school.


Choir: Choir club is a club which helps students to improve their musical skills and gain collectively music performing experience.The harmonic work arising when individual musical talents combine with other students’ talents causes self-confidence to increase and make students feel that how important part of the group they are.Note and voice education, together singing skill, performances, concerts, contests that students can show their talents support their education.