İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

ITK Marching Band

ITK School Marching Band is found in 1956-1957 school year with 16 instruments and since that day, it is taking part in every ceremony, opening, Science and Art Festival, graduation and many other organizations.


In ITK School Marching Band, there are total 30 brass instruments; 3 flutes, 1 clarinet, 6 alto saxophones, 6 tenor saxophones, 9 trompets, 3 baritons, 2 tubas and total 30 percussion intruments; 4 drums, 4 cymbals and 22 side-drums; and total 60 instruments played by various graders from primary school to high school.


ITK Marching Band of 60 continues its works in ITK Music Club and joins the Cortege Walks from Mithatpaşa Street to Güzelyalı in 29 October Republic’s Day and 23 April National Sovereignity and Children’s Festival and entertains everybody.