İzmir Özel Türk Koleji



With our trips abroad, our little travellers both discover the world and learn new cultures. With trips to different cities and encompassing different cultures, we provide our students with as many different options as possible to fulfil their dreams, enabling them to learn by living and practicing a foreign language.


With our University Promotion, Science, Art and Sports trips, our students:


·       Gain different insights into science and technology,

·       Develop their vision towards becoming a global citizen,

·       Improve their scientific literacy,

·       Think critically and creatively,

·       Expand their social perspective by living with different cultures,

·       Work in teams and gain self-discipline alongside team spirit,

·       Share their sportive experiences with competitors from different countries in an international environment,

·       Visit different musical festivals to develop foreign languages skills ​​and provide students with an opportunity to get to know the different musical cultures of the world in-depth and to examine art from a different societal perspective.

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