İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Courses and One-on-One studies

One-on-One studies

One-on-One studies are organised in cases of the absences of students approved by the school director or of similar reasons by the class or branch teachers. The target is to comnplete the missing parts and help the student quickly catch up with the rest of the class.


Primary and Elementary School Courses

To help our students gain more in terms of academics, foreign languages and social areas, we are organising courses for primary and elementary school students. The courses are held for Science and Technology, Mathematics, Turkish and Social Sciences fields for 4th to 8th grades. In addition to these, foreign language courses can also be organised for newcomers.


Support for recently registered Students

In order to support students transferred from abroad or from another school and help them adapt to our school easier, we give them both academic support and counselling, shortening the adaptation process of the student.