İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Preparatory Classes

The students take their first steps towards the 8 year long fundamental education at Izmir Private Turkish preparatory classes.

In order the students to adapt to the ever changing age of information, to create a difference in social and educational fields, the educational programsa re completed with academic works, social, cultural and sportive activities.

ITK prepares the students for the primary school level in many areas by helping them develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and linguistically and thereby making them more mature. Therefore the student attend courses such as English, Second Foreign Language, Turkish Language Studies, Happy Science, Number Studies, Line Studies, Music,Visual Arts, Ceramic Works, Computer, Art Activities and Ballet, Chess, Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Foreign Language Education with CLIL program 20 hours a week

Within the Preparatory Programme before Primary School, the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Lesson) programme teaches English by combining English and various other disciplines in content and topic. CLIL, which is the programme that includes language and content, includes topics such as Mathematics, Positive Sciences, Visual Arts, Music and Social Sciences as well as Gerden Games, Kitchen Arts, Ecology, Story Time, Voice Recognising Training, Drama & Daily English and Language Command where the students can develop their usage of the English language.

The students also learn one of German, French or Spanish together with their culture. Within this programme that teaches the foreign languages with a strong foundation, every year the students are awarded an internationally valid European Language Portfolio which they can use in their future education.