İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Clubs and Social Activities

The most important educational requirement of our time and the future is to raise generations who can turn their knowledge into abilities, discover their own talents and socialise learning their own culture and values.

Therefore we give a great priority to student clubs along with academic works while we prepareour students for life. Our aim is to support the students to create a difference in social, cultural, sportive and art areas by giving them the opportunity to do their best in their areas of interest and to help them develop an understanding of responsibility.

In line with the hobbies and abilities of our students, the clubs are improved every year in number and in quality. We have over 70 clubs in our schools. Our papier-mache, food, home ,textile, jewelry design ateliers under Hobby Center and clubs such as ceramics, painting, music, drama, photography, theater and dance where our students can discover their talents and increase their intellectual capacities in clubs such as philosophy, debating and Ataturkism. Our students also take part in national and international events and programmes such as Junior MUN, Destination Imagination, PSSP and BEO with their club works and develop their social and intellectual sides.

Club time is held as 2 lecture hours a week within the weekly schedule under the name “Activity” in primary school and “Club” in elementary school.

The students can choose among the clubs presented to them a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5.

At the end of the first week of the school, student preference lists are prepared. The second week these club hours are held whereas the students are given the right to change their clubs. After the changes, the director in charge revises these lists and confirms these. Starting from the third week, the clubs cannot be changed and the works officially start.

The lists are prepared by the school management taking  the first choice of the student into consideration and in case a student cannot be placed to their first choice, they will be placed to another club they have chosen. The quotas given by the club mentor play a big role in these allocations.

The age, abilities and works before are taken into consideration in club placements. Therefore it should not be expected that every student will be allocated to their first choice. After consulting club mentors and the related officers, final lists are prepared.

A student can change their club once in the second semester between clubs that allow changes. Clubs that require year long training such as theater, dance or band are exceptions to this rule.

The request for changing the club should be submitted to the school management in writing.

Attendance to the clubs is compulsory