İzmir Özel Türk Koleji


Students who have just registered to the school and will be staying as boarder students will be taken into an orientation program 5 days before school opens. This program aims for students to get used to the boarder life, freshen up their information in specific classes and accomodate themselves to Izmir.

In order for students coming to the Izmır Turkish College boarder sections from different city and provinces to get to know the school rules and programs, a Orientation Training by the PDR department (Pyschological Counseling and Guidance) is organized.

The aim of the orientation training is to define the students levels academically and compensate the aspects which are open to improvement and also to help them realize their own awareness in every way. Orientation training is conducted within a specific program 15 days before the academic year begins. Students who register to the Science High School academically are taken into training courses for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, students who register to the Anatolia High School are taken into training courses for Turkish and Mathematics. The training of the students starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends at 13:00. After lunch are taken to firstly the Izmir Turkish Private College Campuses, Mansions and Planetariums within the program the school has organized. Other days they are taken to Izmir’s touristic, historical places and shopping centers in the afternoon to obtain insight. During all these travelling programs they will be guided by a guidance counselor, monitor teacher and branch teacher. To help students get used to the boader life and develope  their friendship relationships, to get to know the other departments in the school, training seminar-conferances are given by the PDR Department and they are adapted to the school in the shortest amount of time.