İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Studying, Events and Activities


Boarder students must attend the 1st study between 18.00-19.00 and 2nd study between 20.00-21.30 every day except Friday and Saturday.Studies are private times were they can do there short and long term homework and prepare for their exams. Studying is mandatory. During studying hours usage of cell phones and computers are forbidden. Our guardians should not call their students during studying hours. Studies are constantly supervised by dormitory managers and tutors. Students can take the training courses that their school will open and can study one on one with their teacher.

Benefiting from the Library

Students can benefit from the school library and its computers every day between 16.30 -17.45. Each student can sit at a different desk and study quietly. If they use the computer they cannot go on any websites like game or chat websites other than programs related to school.

Benefiting from the Gym

Students can benefit from the gym outside school hours if there isn’t a planned match or practise with the required permission from the dormitory vice director.

Benefiting from the Fitness Center

In our fitness center, which we have put into operation within the Cahit Gürkan Gym in April of the 2015-2016 academic year, cleaned within specific periods and with adjusted heating levels according to different weather conditions, we many sports equipments like treadmills, elliptical bycyle, vertical bycyles, horizantal bycyles, paddles, twists, flat bench press,incline bench,seated arm curl, sit-up table, AB benches. Also, there are showers, changing rooms and locked cabinets were our students can put their personal belongings. With the quality workouts in a equiped gym that responds to our boarder students physical and phychological needs, we believe that they can increase their motivation with the energy that doing sports gives and relieve their stress of the intense academic term with sports.We support individuals who devote themselves to sports and enjoy making it a part of their lives.

Benefiting from the Computer Laboratory

Students can use our schools current laboratories during the week by informing the teachers or outside working hours by getting the required permission from the authorities beforehand.

Week Activities

Events like Cinema, theater and concerts are carried out according to the prepared academic plan. For a healthy lifestyle sports activities are organized. (Pilates,fitness etc)

Weekend Activities

Apart from the academic achievements of the boarder students, they are also encouraged to participate in social activities. Trips to sports events, exhibitions, concerts and musuems in and around Izmir are organized.