İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Daily life in Campuses and School Rules School Rules


Like you, we prepare meals for our children with care in our own kitchen, just as if
they were cooked by one’s own mother.
WE RESEARCH: In order to find the best quality and most nutritious food for our
children, we use only the freshest fruit and vegetables which are in season.
WE CREATE OUR MENU: We prepare delicious menus using the healthiest food
we have obtained as a result of our research.
WE AUDIT: Our menus are prepared under the supervision of a qualified food
engineer, physician, dietician and the head chef which is then examined by the
Dining Committee, including representatives from the Parent-Teacher association.
WE PREPARE OUR MEALS IN OUR OWN KITCHEN: Using only natural and healthy
ingredients, we prepare our meals in our own kitchen without artificial additives
and flavourings.
WE MONITOR: All meals are prepared by our kitchen staff in strict accordance with
health and hygiene standards and are routinely inspected by the food engineer as
well as by the school doctor and occupational health and safety specialist.
WE REPORT: We evaluate your satisfaction and complaints for every aspect of our
work and regularly report your feedback.
WE CARE FOR OUR CHILDREN: Our menus are created in accordance with the
recommended daily calorie intake required for our children. We aim to see the
smile on our children’s faces that comes from enjoying the taste of delicious and
nutritious food.
PRODUCTS WITH THE "SCHOOL FOOD" LOGO: To ensure that students eat
nutritious food, only products packaged with the “School Food” logo are sold in
our canteens.
PERSONNEL TRAINING: Canteen personnel are regularly trained on and inspected
against hygiene and health & safety regulations.