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Smart Card Usage

Our students use personal ‘’smart cards’’ during their canteen and store shopping on our campus.

Smart Card Follow-Up


You can set a daily limit for the students spendings; in this case the student will not be able to do additional shopping  exceeding the limit you have set. You can fill the card through cash payment to the schools pay-office or transfer money through the bank.

A specific sub limit has been brought to the card loadings so that the parents do not have to transfer money frequently and our students needn’t spend their breaktimes constantly trying to fill their cards and also to 

decrease the pay-office intensity that take up our students and their guardians time.

You need to sign in from the Smart Card Follow-Up tab of the E- İnformation Platform menu on Izmir Private Turkish College’s website.

System link:


If their are items in the school canteen which you do not want the student to consume, you can close them on the system; our student will not be able to buy the item which you have restricted. To provide the student to consume any item in the canteen with a limit you can bring a number limitation to these items; the student will not be able to buy items over the numberlimit you have set.  You can report the expenses the student makes in the canteen and credit loading movements on the card.