İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

School Bus Services and Transportation

Students benefit from the tranportation services provided by a private transport service company that is controlled by our schools Management Director and is determined by the school management by people with experience about school bus management. The service company workers are taken into briefing and training meeting by our school managements in certain periods of the year. Students who benefit from the school bus must know that the school buses are a supplementary part of the school and that school rules apply on the school buses.

security on all campuses of our school is provided by an international company on
day and night shifts.
24 /7 CAMERA SYSTEM: We have a CCTV camera system that records 24/7 in our

SCHOOL BUS SERVICE: School service busses are provided by contracted
ABSENCE TRACKING: In case of absenteeism of our students, parents are
informed by the school in a timely manner.


School Bus Rules

Vehicles must certainly contain helping school bus staff.

Students are dropped off in the predetermined areas. For no reason can the drop and insert places change.

Vehicles set off after all students fasten their seat belts.

The school teachers traveling in the vehicles warn the students when neccessary, the bus drivers cannot interfere.

The transporting firm shall not change the vehicle unless it is absolutely neccessary. When changing vehicles according to mandatory conditions the school board must be informed.

The requests of the students to change school buses can only come into force if the school board approves.