İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

A Message from our Chairman

A Message from our Chairman


Let us raise such youth…


İzmir Özel Türk Koleji was founded by a young mathematics teacher, Bahattin Tatış, my father, who devoted himself to education and lessons started on November 15th, 1950.

The young teacher went to Ankara with the dream of founding a private school which would carry the torch of education as a  priority. The then head of the Board of Education and Discipline shared the dream of this teacher and told him the following words:

“You are right, dear teacher. As there are foreign colleges in our country, why shouldn’t there be a Turkish college? I see that Turkish parents prefer to send their children to foreign colleges. Why is the demand for Turkish schools low? You are going to found such a school and your work will be appreciated. I invite you to take on this challenge. Do promise me.”

My dear father could not conceal his excitement and made this promise;

“My dear teacher, you have given me a difficult project. It is a national responsibility now. I promise you that I will handle this well.”

He kept his promise; founding İzmir Özel Türk Koleji at Talatpasa 23 with only 26 students on November 15th, 1950, as the first college that bears the word “Turk” in its name.

The founders had a very clear goal:

“Let İzmir Özel Türk Koleji be the most beautiful and disciplined school in Turkey, or better, in the world. Let our graduate scientists create milestones in science and reach a point where our countrymen and even the whole world will respect them. Let our graduates take the Turkish economy forward or become unforgettable names in Turkish literature or in Turkish history. Let them be the leaders and symbols of success in industry, economy and in the development of our country. Let them be doctors and make our country healthier. Let them be monuments of science and show good morals as teachers. Let us build a team of personnel in education that are idealist, devoted, talented and who understand the importance of the virtues of being a teacher.”

The privilege of being an İzmir Özel Türk Koleji graduate is felt deep inside our hearts with the mission to “raise generations of Turkish youth who can make correct choices, who contribute both to themselves and to those around them, who are well-balanced and with a modern viewpoint .”

İzmir Özel Türk Koleji continues to raise a Kemalist youth across 5 campuses and 6 kindergartens with the power it gives to its graduates, therefore gifting these bright minds to our country and walking in the path Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has shown us.

Oğuz Tatış

President of the ITK Management Board