İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Message From General Manager

Message From General Manager


Our Parents, Dear Students and Meritorius Teachers,


Being founded with the self-sacrifice and determination of Bahattin Tatış, our founder mathematics teacher in 1950, our school Izmır Ozel Turk College has been proceeded in the education way for 68 years without compromising principles. With the power that we take from you, dear parents, students and teachers as the biggest supporters for us in this way, we have attained many successes in every school year, and have raised our values for Turkish National Education and Turkey. Today, as Izmır Ozel Turk College, we are the leading of the most well-established and doyen educational institutions not only in Izmir but also in Aegean Region with campuses called Bahattin Tatış, Büyükçiğli, Marmaris, Bornova and Manisa. With the consciousness of this responsibility and by comprehending the deep meaning of the words of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as “There is not even an individual to waste in education”, we have been carrying out studies in order to increase the multiple developments and acquirements of our students from the point of quantity and quality, and have been making effort to improve our development in the light of constantly-renewed world, technology and environmental conditions.

We are aware that all the knowledge which our children experience and learn in the kindergartens that we consider as the keystone of education will affect their lives and constitute the basis of all education steps in the future. With this awareness, we have been reflecting our knowledge and experiences to the kindergartens for the last 25 years, and continuing to study in order to grow individuals to Exist in Future by means of the programs that we ground with games and of an educational perception that we keep the happiness of our children in center. We are taking the results of these studies and efforts with pride. Our students and teachers have gained 443 successes totally in this school year in the national and international competitions as 234 of them are in science, 166 are in sport and 43 are in art fields.

They have filled us with pride by means of every degree obtained in the World, Turkey and Aegean Region. I have deep faith that these successes, which are the result of the studies of our students and teachers, will constitute a basis for the achievements to be reached by Izmir Ozel Turk College in the next years. The name of Izmir Ozel Turk College has been mentioned frequently and with prestige under favor of the effortful studies and degrees of our students and teachers and the works of thousands of our graduated students leaving a mark in the life. I thank individually to all the students, teachers, parents, graduated persons and personnel carrying this name with pride and to every person of the family of Izmir Ozel Turk College for the values that they create.


Best wishes,



İTK General Manager