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ITK Bornova Kindergarten

ITK Bornova Kindergarten

Happy Children Having Fun While Learning

Pre-school education, given from an early age to our most valued assets – our students, plays a major role in raising healthy, happy and educated individuals. We know that games are the best learning tool for our students, in fact it is also one of the greatest needs for children during their preschool period.  For this reason, the educational programs implemented in ITK pre-schools are based on games. When students actively "Learn While Having Fun" not only are they active and happy but also skills learnt become permanently engrained. With our "Project-Based Education" model, which has a child-centred structure, students:


•        develop curiosity,

•        become versatile,

•        develop deep and philosophical thinking,

•        are able to ask questions,

•        can research the question asked,

•        can apply the answers learnt,

•        are raised as questioning children.


Branch courses in ITK pre-schools are taught by permanently staffed ITK teachers who are experienced in their subjects and who teach in accordance with the ITK culture and values.  In line with our goal of educating our students with this culture, all subjects from pre-school through to high school, be it Music, Physical Education, Ballet, Drama, Chess, Information Technology, Ceramics, English, Joyful Science or Fun Mathematics are taught in accordance with this same ITK philosophy.

 Language Education for Qualified English

 At ITK language is recognised as an essential tool for communication. We believe students should learn to use a language, not simply learn a series of words and phrases. When students learn to actually use a language from an early age, they become more confident and more proficient in the language and are more likely to carry this new language skill throughout their lives. 


In this respect, with our English language education, our pre-school students;


•        Can understand what they hear,

•        Are taught new language in context and are taught to use full sentences when speaking,

•        Are taught to use correct pronunciation and recognise letters in English,

•        Are exposed daily to English inside the classroom, in the lunch halls and with every interaction with their English teacher,

•        Can use a foreign language to express their basic needs and other daily language,

•        Can communicate in English at word, phrase and with simple sentences,

•        Enjoy singing songs in English, ones specially selected for appropriateness and educational worthiness,

•        Regularly takes part in drama and practicing everyday English dialogues,

•        Enjoys playing a wide variety of rich educational games in English.


"Every child is special"


•        Our students are accompanied by our expert staff consisting of both pre-school teachers and full-time, psychological consultants who are experts in their field.

•        With the support of our PDR (Psychological Counselling and Guidance) Department in ITK pre-schools, “Social Skills Training” activities are carried out every month in order to develop a variety of different social skills.

•        Frosting Visual Perception Test” is applied to each student within the scope of preparatory year and individual reports are shared with parents.

•        Regular PDR Seminars are held for our parents as well as sharing monthly PDR Bulletins.

You can reach detailed information about Bornova Kindergarten in ITK Bornova Campus in ITK Kindergartens Institutive website.