İzmir Özel Türk Koleji

Our Graduates

Our Graduates

In the 73-year-established history, Izmir Private Turkish College has graduated thousands of students from artists to sportsmen, from scientists to businessmen, from academician to politican leaving mark in life and being successful in their career and thought leader in Turkey and in the world.

Prof. Dr. Atilla Silkü – Vice Rector of Ege University / İTK 79 Graduate

“Both the deceased Bahattin Tatış and Orhan Edgüer and our other teachers made great effort. Izmir Private Turkish College is a school balancing the education in a fine range. By considering the intensity of the lesson hours and comparing with the other schools, it placed great importance to foreign language teaching. Of course, all of us remember Emel Hanım, Nevzat Bey, Serpil Hanım and Nevin Hanım. The basis that they provided with us was so important, and it affected us to choose profession. All of us have the stand of Orhan Bey in mind. As well as the education given, the infrastructure left its mark on our all life from the point of disciplined, Kemalist, honest, multiple and self-relaible individuals. My brothers are of ITK, and my brother-in-law and uncle are of ITK. In this regard, it is possible to consider ITK as “educational institution of our family”

Quoted from Issue 111 of Kardelen Magazine

Meltem Cumbul- Oyuncu / İTK 83 Secondary School Graduate

Haluk Bilginer- Player / İTK 71 Graduate

“I was accepted in Turkish College in 1965 and graduated in 1971. Turkish College had a feature like that, it placed importance to arts. I met theatre in Turkish College. I studied on theatre together with my teacher Cahit Gürkan from last class of secondary school. Especially my last 3 years in Turkish College was so important that I could consider it as a life-style and carry out as a profession. In 1971, our school became “The Best School” in Inter-High School Theatre Competition, and I was awarded as “The Best Player”. After this award, I noticed something. I must do it as a job. I will memorialize Bahattin Bey and Cahit Gürkan with affection and longing during my life. Because their contributions were great on my selection related to theatre.”

Quoted from the documentary named “Sönmeyecek Meşalen” prepared gor our founder Bahattin Tatış.

Prof. Dr. Alp Timur- 9 Eylul University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / İTK 66 Graduate

“I owe a debt of gratitude to my College which I am always proud of, and growed us as individuals being worthy of Republic of Turkey, dauntless advocate of Atatürk principles and revolutions, and taught to be principled in life and not to make concessions from the principles under any circumstances.”

Quoted from autobiographic works named “Bahattin Tatış – Yarınlarda Var Olmak”

H. Ersin Özince- Board President of İş Bankası / İTK 70 Graduate

“Turkish College has been effecting my life philosophy, personal habits, briefly all my life extremely. I am thankful to Dear Tatış and Private Turkish College members”.

Quoted from autobiographic works named “Bahattin Tatış – Yarınlarda Var Olmak”

Ender Yorgancılar –Businessman / İTK 74 Graduate

“I was born and grew in Izmir, and also I am of Izmir Turkish College. I have lots of memories in ITK. Yavuz Koçer and Teacher Kubilay are the ones that I always remember. Our principal was Oran Edgüer. I graduated in 1974. Our teachers had great influences on us, I am memorialize them with respect. Our home was in a distance of one bus-stop to the school, but I stayed there as boarding student. I acquired many things from boarding system. For example, I have to travel once in three days with place, and my suitcase is always ready. I have learned to be tidy and practical in boarding life”.

Quoted from student interviews within Activities of Izmirian.

Göker Göktepe -Producer- Director / İTK 91 Graduate

“Graduating from Izmir Private Turkish College has effected my life. First of all, I have advanced level of foreign language with the education that I obtained in Anatolian High School. Secondly, I can say that graduating from ITK is fatefull. The active studies of our school in arts increased my familiarity to arts in the way of university by being interested in theatre. In other words, it determined by way.”

 Quoted from Issue 119 of Kardelen Magazine